CIPP lining

Applied Polymerics has extensive experience in the repair and rehabilitation of stormwater systems. Using the latest repair techniques and materials, API can restore assets to their original new-build standards, as well as substantially extend the life of structures.

In addition to leak repairs, pipe replacement and rehabilitation, and other related services; API is proud to offer the most innovative and protective CIPP lining services on the market.

UV GRP CIPP lining

- Consistent Field Confirmed Reliability

- Quality Tracker System™

- Proven 50+ Year Performance Life

- Lower Life-Cycle Costs

- Reduced Environmental and Community Impact

- No Release of Styrene Condensate


Ideal for circular, ovoid, arch, rectangular and special cross-sections


With decades of stormwater repair experience and the best lining technologies on the market, Applied Polymerics can provide you with superior
solutions for your pipe repair needs.


Control Infiltration // Eliminate Root Intrusion // Avoid Structural Failure


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